Rules for Speakers

  1. You have not spoken at the last Ignite Calgary event. Exception: Five “Faves”.
  2. Your topic teaches something of social value.
  3. You have shown that you are prepared for your presentations (not missed deadlines or blown off emails).
  4. You have not told any of the organizers to get lost, recently.
  5. Your topic is an original presentation.
  6. Your presentation does not include video or audio. Only static slides are allowed.
  7. You do not pitch/promote your business. You must teach, not preach. (Our audience hates that kind of stuff, so it’s not allowed.)
Event organizers have final say on speakers.

Five “Faves”

Audience members will have the chance to select their five favourite speakers. The five speakers with the most votes will be invited back to speak at Ignite Calgary #1, planned for January, 2018.