My life took an abrupt turn following cancer treatment in 2014. I left her career as a Chartered Professional Accountant and began sharing the lessons I learned from life – heavily influenced by the majesty and nobility of the horses I shares my life with. We work together to help people unbridle their own brilliance.

My heartfelt desire is to share my messages (and those from the horses), and I am always on the lookout for information that will allow me to develop my speaking skills. I learned of Ignite Talks through a webinar, and looked for an opportunity to speak at an Ignite event. There were none licensed for Calgary and area, so I applied and Ignite Foothills was born.

The mission of Ignite Foothills (and Ignite Calgary to follow) is:

Ignite Foothills will showcase and develop the speaking talent resident in the southern Alberta area by providing a forum for speakers to share their message in a fun and fast format, thereby entertaining and educating the audience.

I hope you will share this mission, and feel inspired to share this opportunity with those who may be interested in being a speaker, sponsor or spectator for this first Ignite Talks in Alberta. I am so very grateful for the people who share this vision and are helping to make it a reality.

Jocelyn Hastie

Lead Organizer, Ignite Foothills

2 thoughts on “Why I Applied for an Ignite License

  • Gail

    You have opened up another avenue for sharing and educating. We are all better global citizens when communication happens. Another ripple in the pond is about to happen!

  • TErry

    Thanks for leading this Jocelyn – a noble cause – nothing builds confidence and self-esteem better than being able to express ourselves in front of others – fantastic idea and great way to give back to inspire others, either by speaking, sponsoring or just coming out to listen to everyone’s story – everyone has a story to share


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